Features Overview

An epilepsy diagnosis leaves you with more questions than answers. Discover what works best for YOU with Bleuberi!

  1. Record, Time, & Identify Seizure Events

  2. Track the Overall Impact of Epilepsy with Our Health Journal

  3. Manage Your Pharmaceutical Medications

  4. Get Instant Feedback with Easy to Understand Graphs


Take Charge of Recording Seizure Events

Seizures can happen anywhere, anytime. Having details about events is critical to meeting the challenges of having seizures. Be better reporters using Bleuberi. Track seizure type, duration, severity, frequency, potential triggers, recovery symptoms, and more.


Monitor the Impact of Epilepsy on Overall Health

Epilepsy is about more than just seizures, it impacts your overall health and well-being. With our Health Journal feature, Bleuberi helps you monitor and understand how epilepsy directly impacts your mood, anxiety, aggression, energy, sleep, appetite, treatment side effects, and more.


Stay on Top of Your Medications

Bleuberi makes it easy for you to track and stay on top of your medications, both pharmaceutical and cannabis treatments. Schedule notification reminders for yourself so you never miss a dose again! Bleuberi stores your medication history in one convenient place, giving you access wherever and whenever you need it.


Get Instant Feedback with Easy to Understand Graphs

See what all of your data means. Uncover important patterns, trends, and triggers helping you find some answers to better manage your epilepsy. Bleuberi turns all of your seizure and health journaling into meaningful data, transforming them into easily understandable graphs.