An epilepsy diagnosis leaves you with more questions than answers. Discover what works best for YOU with Bleuberi!

  • Record, Time, & Identify Seizure Events

  • Track the Overall Impact of Epilepsy with Our Health Journal

  • Manage Your Pharmaceutical Medications

  • Get Instant Feedback with Easy to Understand Graphs


Some TESTIMONIALS From Our Users

It’s a way to collect comprehensive data in a central location that can easily be presented to evaluate possible correlations between seizures, behaviors, and other factors.
I quit writing in the notebook once I started using this. My doctor was impressed when he saw the graphs. No more searching for the right words, data, or sifting through hundreds of pages in a written diary!
What our family loves is that it’s not just a standard seizure tracker. Epilepsy isn’t just about seizures! I need to monitor any and all changes because it’s behavioral, sensory, and so much more. This app is a HUGE help to us all!


Helping you better manage your epilepsy & improve your quality of life!