Our Team


Roslyn Rawlins - CEO & Co-Founder 

On February 10, 2008 life changed forever due to epilepsy for Roslyn and her two daughters, Ryan and Sydney. Then again on March 16, 2011 when Ryan had her 11 hour brain tumor surgery! Immersed in advocating for the epilepsy community as the Board Chairperson of Epilepsy Education Everywhere and as co-admin for Parent’s of Children with Absence Seizures Facebook group. Due to her professional background in healthcare management, Roslyn understands where there are gaps in resources, services and quality patient centered care. She is determined to be a forward thinking force and move the needle towards better care, more research, and better solutions for the epilepsy community. Along with Daniel, Roslyn is a driving force behind Bleuberi being a socially responsible company, dedicated to giving back to you.

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Daniel B. Hopson - COO & Co-Founder

When it comes to understanding the meaning of family and what survival is all about, Daniel is no stranger to overcoming adversity in life. He is a survivor and refugee of Cambodia's Killing Fields in the 1970s. At 4 years old, he lost most of his family (father, 5 uncles, and grandfather) to the atrocities of genocide. His mother and grandmother did everything they could to save Daniel's life, escaping a prison camp by risking everything harrowingly running through miles of land mine filled jungles to a refugee camp in Thailand. Daniel is empathetic to the families affected by epilepsy as he is uniquely qualified to understanding how, why, and to what measure a parent would be determined to save their child’s life. He is passionate about giving back and helping others. Daniel is a graduate of UC San Diego with a B.A. in Economics & International Politics.


Ryan Lopez - Acting-CTO & Co-Founder

Ryan Lopez is the resident techie at LooseLeaf Tech. He studied computer engineering at UCSD and went on to challenge his passion for technology and creativity at DreamWorks Animation SKG. He worked on several films, including Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. Eventually, he would make the move to healthcare as a medical device design engineer and project manager for Karl Storz Endoscopy - America, Inc.  His notable project was as co-leader and programmer for the design and control of 25 operating rooms at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. During his formative years in high school, Ryan was misdiagnosed with having a form of cancer when in actuality he had alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease with a vastly different treatment plan. It was this experience that fuels his pursuits in healthcare technology.